Mississippi State Quarter

mississippi-state-quarterThe 20th coin introduced into the States Quarters Program was the Mississippi State quarter.  Date of statehood for Mississippi was on December 10, 1817.

The design by Donna Weaver on the reverse side of the Mississippi State quarter is that of the state flower.  The inscription, “The Magnolia State” sits above a large image of a magnolia flower.

Mississippi chose the Magnolia as the state flower in 1952.  The Magnolia flower derives its name from the 18th century French botanist  Pierre Magnol.  The Magnolia grandiflora is native to the southeastern state of Mississippi.  The Magnolia boasts large, white flowers which can spread over a foot across.

Governor Ronnie Musgrove submitted three design concepts to the United States Mint, and chose the final design from those they sent back.

Coin Specifications of the Mississippi State quarter:

  • Mintage: 290 million Philadelphia, 289,600,000 Denver, 3,084,245 (San Francisco Clad Proof), 892,229 (San Francisco Silver Proof)
  • Coin Composition: 91.67% copper, 8.33% nickel (clad), 90% silver, 10% copper (silver proof)
  • Diameter: 24.26 mm
  • Weight: 5.67 grams
  • Thickness: 1.75 mm
  • Edge: Reeded

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